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Your flower girl is one of the most important guests at your wedding. Together with the bridesmaids and the Maid of Honor, she will spread joy and grace among the wedding guests to announce your walk down the aisle. Therefore, you want your youngest attendant to truly shine on your wedding day – and choosing a beautiful dress for her can be very important.

What are some of the best flower girl dress options? Read on and find out more.

  • The mini-bride. As one of the most popular types of flower girl dresses, little gowns that mimic the bride’s dress can be absolutely adorable. The flower girl’s dress doesn’t have to be an exact copy of your wedding gown, but it can take elements from it and play them around in a way that suits little girls.
  • The colorful pop. Your flower girl doesn’t have to wear white. Sure, this is one of the “traditional” ways of dressing flower girls, but it is not even by far a “must”. Dress your flower girl in a delicate dress to match your wedding colors and/or bridesmaids and she will feel truly special!
  • The very fancy attire. If your flower girl is a bit older and if she can handle a dress that’s really formal (such as a crinoline dress), you can definitely go for it. She will look gorgeous walking down the aisle in a dress that makes her feel like a true princess!

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