“The bachelor party”. The name itself can insinuate a night of epic proportions. This topic has fueled many blockbuster films of crazy antics, late nights, and irresponsibility – with plenty of laughs to spare. While you don’t need to reenact the events depicted in The Hangover, there are still plenty of ways to get totally rad for your bro’s bachelor party.


While the idea of a weekend with the fellas can seem pretty straightforward, there are many different options of activities to consider. So round up the guys, pack your bags, and strap in for a wild weekend!

The bachelor party road trip. The weekend on the lake. The national park camping excursion. These are all tried-and-true ideas for a destination-based bachelor party.  These ideas can provide tons of opportunity to celebrate the groom while maintaining a party-focused element as a unit! You must remember, this is centered around your buddy who is getting married. Choose something that you know he is passionate about.

If he’s an angler, think about fly fishing in Lake Okeechobee or chartering a deep-sea fishing experience off the Keys.

If golf is the passion, consider playing 18 holes before a big night out.

Does the groom like to chill out beachside before the nightlife scene picks up (carpe noctem!)? Maybe a trip to Miami is the ticket! The experience of going somewhere new with a group of tight friends will build memories that last a lifetime before the big wedding day!


The Evening’s Antics

It’s no secret that a bachelor party can constitute complete bedlam – the trick is to maintain yourself throughout the night. Unless the goal of the night is to end up as a star in the newest season of COPS, make sure to imbibe responsibly. If you are visiting a new city, scope out the restaurant scene and find a good spot to eat before you go out. After you’ve got a good meal in your stomach, a good, old-fashioned bar crawl could be the move! Do some homework beforehand and try to find a spot in the city with bars within walking distance; this will be especially convenient to hoof it home when the night ends (or the morning begins). If your group is into the club scene, be sure to carry cash on hand in order to pay the cover at the door, and to tip your bartender. As the night carries on, remember to drink water – the wisest of partygoers will drink one glass of water for every drink consumed. You will be grateful the morning after, and you will be feeling much better for the next day’s activities. And lastly, always, always, find a ride – it’s great to utilize a ridesharing option, especially a service like Uber or Lyft. The goal is to have a blast, but it is imperative to not neglect responsibility!


Look the Part

 The morning after the big night may come with a few side effects; they can include but are not limited to a headache, fatigue, malaise, and of course, light-sensitivity. While some may take a hair-of-the-dog along with their eggs benedict the next morning, we recommend an on-point pair of shades to stave off any light-induced headaches that the burning sun promotes. Not only will the sunglasses provide a little relief, but you will also look pretty damn cool strolling into brunch! We’ve all seen the over-the-top bachelor party group tees, which can border anywhere from semi-tasteful to downright cheesy. If you decided to make group tees, consider avoiding profanity/gross-out designs and go with a simple, honest design commemorating your friend – it is about him after all! The goal for the weekend is to have a blast and celebrate your friendship, and if you can turn some heads doing so, then hey – why not?!

Bachelor parties can be one of those events you walk away from with a strengthened bond, not only for the wedding day but for life. The memories you will share will be cherished in the group collective for years, and offer that “pick up where we left off” mentality between friends located far and wide. Be sure to follow these tips for a surefire bachelor party to send your buddy off to matrimony, and prepare for one hell of a weekend!

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