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Few other life events are as much-expected, as emotional and as truly life-changing as a wedding. It’s no wonder then why so many brides feel extremely stressed out when they have to plan the Big Day. With so many details to handle, decisions to be taken and budgets to stick to, it is a miracle how brides manage to keep themselves sane and happy throughout the wedding planning process and at their wedding too.

How to allow yourself to shine through at your wedding? How to make this event personal, unique and truly unforgettable? Read here and find out more:

  • Find your style. No need to settle on a specific theme just yet – but think of how you would like your wedding to be. Do you want something very fancy? Maybe something destination-related? Or maybe you want a small, intimate wedding, somewhere close to home? Think of these things and decide (at least on broad lines) on what wedding style attracts you the most.
  • Search for inspiration and narrow in. Once you have some brief guidelines on what you want your wedding to look like, start searching for ideas. Narrow down to the ones that define you and your love story. Choose a motif and learn how to master it throughout the entire wedding.
  • Pick your colors. Your color scheme will depend on your venue, wedding style, wedding formality level and on many other factors. One thing is important to remember, though: it should be about you. Not about trends, not about the “only colors that work well with your venue” and definitely not about what someone else likes (other than you and your loved one, of course).

Searching for a venue filled with natural beauty and gentleness? Come visit Cross Creek Ranch and allow yourself to be infused by the peaceful, soothing and genuinely beautiful location of our venue! Come visit us and book us for the Big Day!





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