Children . . . everyone adores them, but many engaged couples find themselves wondering whether to invite them or to have an adult-only wedding.

Image by Stacy Paul Photography

There are several factors to think about when considering whether or not to invite children to your wedding, and ultimately the decision is completely up to you as a couple. It is YOUR wedding. Ask yourself which is more important to you – having your guests (and their children) in attendance or have the chance of guests decline your invite because of being unable to bring their children? Most parents are able to find a babysitter, some might not.

If you don’t want the possibility of a child crying out while you exchange vows or twirling around on the dance floor during toasts then maybe it is best for you to have an adult-only wedding. That is not to say children can’t or won’t behave, but children are children after all. If you choose to have an adult-only wedding be sure to make that clear when sending out invites. For a more direct approach you can clearly state on the invite “adult-only wedding” or to be more personal, call your guest and kindly let them know.

If you decide to invite children, you may want to think of ideas to keep them entertained. You may consider turning a guest table into a kids table and supply coloring books and crayons, puzzles, etc. There are many great (and affordable!) ideas out there! Feel free to brainstorm some ideas with your designer to see how you can incorporate a space for children into your wedding.

Just a little food for thought. Do your best to make this decision fairly early to help avoid any awkward questions by your guests who have children, and to allow them time to find a babysitter.


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