Planning your wedding? We have 8 details to remember before you walk down the aisle!

When you book an all-inclusive wedding venue, most of what you will need will already be handled for you. Although, there are a few items we don’t want you to forget while going through this planning process. So, we have compiled a list for you of 8 details to remember when planning a wedding.

1.Getting Ready Outfits. It’s your special day. So why not look and feel amazing while sipping mimosas and getting pampered? Your photographer may want to snag some getting ready shots as well. Which could be the sole reason for dressing you and your bridal party in some seriously cute outfits! Take a quick peek through our Pinterest for some inspiration and ideas!

8 details to remember when planning your wedding
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2. Extra Wedding Stationery. Detail shots are a must! Save and bring an extra invitation, program, save-the-date or menu on the day of your wedding so your photographer can take some detail shots. You’ll love having these photos in the years to come.

tropical wedding invitations
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3. Family Heirlooms. If you have an important family heirloom you would like to incorporate into your wedding day, make sure you bring it with you! Whether it would be a piece of jewelry passed down from generation to generation, or an old photograph kept in a locket. Your “something old” will be a great addition to making your wedding day more memorable and sentimental.  

Family Heirloom
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4. Comfortable Shoes. If you plan to wear heels or you haven’t had the chance to break your new Keds in yet, bring a pair of comfy flats or sandals with you. You will be moving and standing quite a bit throughout your wedding day. So trust us when we say, save your feet from getting sore, grab your flip flops and dance some more!

8 details to remember while planning your wedding
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5. Props. Ready to take your pictures to the next level? Props are the perfect way to let your personality shine through! Some of our favorite props are large latex balloons, alpacas, smoke bombs and cute wedding signs!

smoke bombs
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6. Personalization. This is a uniquely-you celebration.  So don’t leave out the personalized elements! Having trouble figuring out an idea? Here are some suggestions: display photos of you and your spouse, include your monogram or initials on your stationery, name each cocktail based off your pets or add touches of your favorite movie, quote or era throughout your décor.

wedding bar sign
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7. Must have shot list for your photographer. If you have a large family or special guests you would like to get a photo with, send your photographer a shot list. This will ensure that come wedding day, your photographer will know what photos are a must-have!

Wedding Party photos
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8. Writing your vows. Don’t forget to do this a few weeks BEFORE your wedding day! This will give you time to get the words right without all the added pressure.

8 details to remember when planning your wedding
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Wedding Planning, Coordination, Setup & Breakdown by Cross Creek Ranch. Design & Floral by Cross Creek Ranch. All-Inclusive wedding packages by Cross Creek Ranch. Bouquets by Alta Fleura. Invitations by Citrus Press Co.

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