Wedding details to make your celebration feel more like you.

Let us first say, these are not the only 7 wedding details that will help personalize your celebration. They just so happen to be some of our favorites! You will be making some big decisions during your planning process. A lot of focus might be on your decor, food, wedding party, etc. So we understand why it is so easy to forget about the little things. If you are looking to add more personal touches to your wedding day without breaking the bank, we’ve rounded up 7 ideas! From pin-worthy ring boxes to unique guest books, you are sure to find something that you love. 

1. The number one easiest detail that will help personalize your wedding day: photographs. Hang images from your best moments together around your reception space or frame your beloved engagement photos at your welcome table. And if you’re feeling extra fun, bring a huge cutout of yourselves for the photo booth! 

2. We are 100% behind the idea of getting ready outfits. Whether it is simply a white robe or matching pj’s with your bridal party, it adds that extra special touch to your wedding day. 

3. Let’s talk about the Mrs. Box. These custom velvet ring boxes are a beautiful way to display your sparkly jewelry. They come in all different colors and can be used for wedding images or as a family heirloom that will be handed down for generations to come. 

4. Cufflinks are a tiny detail that is often forgotten. They are a necessary accessory if one chooses to wear a tuxedo or suit on their wedding day. So it’s a great opportunity to personalize a set for your big celebration! Best part – you can get a custom pair of cufflinks for under $20.

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5. One word: socks. Take a boring accessory and turn it into a fun wedding detail by personalizing your wedding day socks with a fun pattern or color. Bonus points if your socks match the inner lining of your suit! 

6. Gone are the days of a traditional guest book. Get creative with polaroid cameras, whiskey barrel heads, puzzles, date night ideas and more! We promise you, your guests will love this wedding detail! 

7. Last and certainly not least, signage. It doubles as beautiful decor and serves a purpose. It will inform guests where to go, the timeline, what to do and of course, welcome them to the best day of your life. 

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