Despite countless hours put into planning and budgeting for a wedding, many couples still overlook simple, yet very important expenses! On their own these costs may not be as intimidating, but when added all together they may cause some unwanted stress. As if planning a wedding isn’t hectic already, we certainly don’t want you to be caught off guard with extra expenses. Check out these 5 unexpected wedding expenses to insure you’ve included them into your budget!

     Postage. You know those beautiful Save The Dates and Wedding Invitations you took a long time deciding on? Yes, well, you have to pay for postage for EACH envelope you mail out. Obviously, you know that, but most people don’t think of the expense. Though it may be little in comparison to everything else, it is still an expense. Dependent on the size, shape and weight of your postage it may cost up to $2 per envelope.
     Marriage License. There is no avoiding this expense, unfortunately. Depending on the state you are married in, the cost will vary so contact the local county office for pricing. Typically it is around $100 for a marriage license.
     Beauty Appointments. Before the wedding, you will certainly want to have hair and makeup consultations to find the artist just for you! Buuuut… these consultations aren’t free! Find several highly recommended stylists/artists and call him/her to find out the cost of his/her consultations and what he/she charge on the day of the wedding. Keep in mind, you should also tip him/her!
     Alterations. You found your dream wedding dress! Talk about an exciting moment! But there’s one problem… it doesn’t fit just right. Alternations are almost always a must – it could be as simple as hemming the gown or completely altering it by taking in inches from top to bottom. The cost will depend on how much altering is needed, which can easily range from $100 to hundreds of dollars!
     Undergarments and Accessories. These are so often forgotten about when budgeting! To complete your bridal look, you’ll need a veil/head piece, undergarments, shoes, and of course jewelry. No doubt you want to look and feel your absolute best on your wedding day, so these items are often splurged on easily costing hundreds of dollars.

     To help other couples, please share with us other hidden expenses you have stumbled upon while planning your wedding!

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