Write some seriously amazing vows with these 5 steps.

We get it, it’s not easy for everyone to sum up their love to their fiance in just a few minutes during their ceremony vows. This intimate moment is undeniably the most touching part of your wedding day. As you sit down and search for the do’s and don’ts on writing the perfect vow, you will notice the overwhelming amount of advice. That is where we come in! We’ve done the research for you and have laid out the 5 most important steps for you to focus on when it comes to those meaningful words.

1. Don’t wait until the last minute to write your vows. Let’s be honest, the week of your wedding there is a lot that you will be focusing on. Family and friends coming into town, packing of wedding items or an overnight stay bag, your rehearsal dinner plans, and honeymoon plans, just to name a few! Give yourself plenty of time to write your vows. Start thinking about the words you want to express 3 months prior to your wedding date. Jot down any heartfelt memories or funny moments that you want to include and finalize your wording two weeks prior to the celebration. 

2. What if you have a lot to say? First off, coming up with the right words can be difficult but for some, this may be a strong suit. We suggest keeping your vows at a 2-minute length. If you find yourself having a hard time cutting anything out, write a letter. Pick the most important promises to keep for your vows and share the rest in a heartfelt letter gifted to your fiance before the ceremony. 

3. So what if you are a person of few words and find yourself needing help to pen your own promises? Check out Wedding Wire’s vow template and the 70 Wedding Vow examples from Southern Living.

4. Showcase your personality. Your promises are unique to your relationship. They don’t need to be picture-perfect. This is a chance to tell your love story in your own words. No one is there to criticize your verbiage and grammar. This is what makes each wedding ceremony so unique. So embrace it! 

5. Practice reading it out loud. We know this may seem awkward but don’t skip out on this step. This will help you fine-tune any tongue twisters or sentences that may need to be altered. It will also give you an extra boost of confidence and prepare you for the big moment. 

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