Cross Creek Wedding Bells

The Bells Ring at Cross Creek Ranch

Bellebrations…combining the old world tradition of bell ringing with contemporary sophistication and luxurious convenience.

What is it?

A set of 12 master hand-crafted, European inspired bells encased in a gorgeous outer bell casing that rings the tune of many traditional songs. The bell is conveniently situated on a unit that is luxuriously decorated with the ability to customize colors and elements.


How it works:

Songs are programmed into the proprietary electronic system and programmed to ring each bell at the appropriate moment. The entire unit is self contained and eco-friendly operating purely from battery units. It allows couples to have the tradition of bell ringing at every wedding.

Who enjoys it:

Any couple who wants traditional bell ringing at their wedding, with the flexibility and contemporary flair of choosing that special song to ring in the marriage.


History of bells:

  • First bells were created in 2000 BC in China and it quickly became an art form with various advancements in metallurgy.
  • Bells were first used to communicate messages in long distances and were viewed as musical instruments for the gods.
  • Ringing of bells at weddings became tradition in Celtic lands and was first believed to be a way to ward off evil spirits and to grant wishes.
  • In Scotland wedding bells rang ceremoniously at the conclusion of the wedding as a symbol of solidifying the vows.
  • Bell craftsmanship hasn’t changed for over thousands of years. Bells are still forged from a compilation of metallurgy and hand crafted by highly skilled artisans typically trained in historic European methods.
  • Bell ringing has survived as a long standing tradition and with Bellebrations, can now be incorporated into any wedding so couples can seal their joyous union with the historic sound of traditional bells.

For more info:

To learn more about Cross Creek Wedding Bells please contact Anthony Amos at: 813-407-7219.